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Call For Proposals

Crossing the Borders culminates Washington University in St Louis’ two-year series, “The Critic As Artist/The Artist As Critic,” inviting work that explores the conceptual and creative boundaries of criticism today. We invite proposals that stretch, blur, or eradicate the distinction between creative and critical projects, ones that might cross, transgress, harmonize, and/or transcend the borders of….

– Institutional discipline
– Nation, state, or location
– Language
– Genre
– Race and/or ethnicity
– Species
– (Dis)ability
– Sex and/or gender
– The Sacred and the Secular
– The “Two Cultures” of Literature and Science
– Insider and Outsider Art
– The Speculative and the Real

We strongly encourage work that not only engages art and artists working at or through the seam of borders, but that is also itself a product of two oft-separated domains—presentations that are as much critical art as they are artistic critique.

Proposals are welcome for panels, discussions, roundtables, performances, showings, multimedia presentations, readings, events or other forms of serious fun.

All submissions should specify the format(s) of presentation and must include a less than 100 word short bio for each participant. Additionally, for a critical work, please submit a brief soupçon of its supposition of no more than 250 words. For written creative work, please submit 3-6 poems or 3-5 double spaced pages of prose. For visual art, up to 10 high-quality images or 2 minutes of film and a short précis of the project (100-200 words). Mixed media proposals should include some aspect of each media and meet the minimum requirements for at least one of the media (e.g., two images and three poems for an ekphrastic reading). In all submissions, make sure to specify which borders are being crossed.

Please send all proposals to: borderconference2019 [at] gmail [dot] com


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